The Best Way to Improve Your Credit AND Do Your Christmas Shopping

The Best Way to Improve Your Credit AND Do Your Christmas Shopping? That doesn’t even sound remotely possible, does it? How can you spend money and start improving your credit at the same time? Believe it or not, it can be done. And, we’re here to share one of the best ways with you.

Let’s just start with your Christmas shopping – if you’re like me, you’re already wondering how much it’s going to cost and where you’re going to find the money in an already limited budget (I know I am!). Unfortunately, what should be a wonderful magical holiday is actually one of the most stressful times of the year simply because it costs so much money and many of us just don’t have that kind of money available to spend all at once!

That’s just ONE of the reasons why opening a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank can be such a great way to shop for Christmas and not have to worry about how you’re going to make the payments when you get the bill.

In fact, one of the things that I like most about Fingerhut is that when you shop at Fingerhut (online or in one of the catalogs they’ll send once you’re approved), not only do you see the full purchase price of the item, but you’re also given the monthly minimum payment amount to make once you order the item.

For example, if you were to order a flat screen TV, then you would see the highly competitive purchase price AND the monthly payment amount.  I’ve ordered a couple of things for the house this way, and it really helps to know in advance what that monthly payment is going to be.   This gives you two different ways to shop – you can do your Christmas shopping and pay off the entire bill at once OR you can do your Christmas shopping knowing what you’re spending and how much the monthly payment will be when you get the bill.  (With Fingerhut, there are no January surprises!!)

The other thing that I really like about Fingerhut is this – they have lots of NO INTEREST deals throughout the year, so if there’s a larger purchase that you want to make you can order it during one of these promotions, pay it off before the expiration of the NO INTEREST deal, and save money.

Not sure you’d be approved if you applied?

Not only are the majority of people who apply for a Fingerhut account instantly approved, but Fingerhut even has a “Fresh Start” program that can help you get your credit score back on track!

The Fingerhut Fresh Start Program works like this:

  • Start by filling out a credit application to open an account (most people start out with $250.00 credit).
  • Shop online and make a purchase between $50.00 and your total credit limit.
  • Make your first payment of $30.00 when the order is placed.  Once the payment is cleared, your order ships.
  • Make 6-8 regular payments (on time) and pay off the purchase.  (This is why we’re talking Christmas in July – there’s still time to get your credit set for this Christmas!)
  • When the balance is paid off, your account is converted to a revolving Fingerhut charge account, which means you’re eligible for credit line increases, and you can take advantage of the full line of buying options for every purchase you make, including deferred payment plans, low monthly payments, and a very reasonable monthly APR.

The best part is – Fingerhut reports your regular payments AND your credit line to major credit bureaus.  This helps your credit in two different ways:

1. You build a history of regular payments with Fingerhut.

2. They report your “available credit” thereby showing or increasing the amount of credit shown as “available” on your credit report.  (This decreases your credit utilization if you’re not using the full amount available to you.)

Think Fingerhut might be the way for you to improve your credit?

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