The Best Way to Build Credit!

Looking for ways to build your credit back up after a series of setbacks?  Maybe you don’t really have any credit, but you’d like to start building a good credit score? One of the best ways that I have found to build good credit is to sign up for the Fingerhut FreshStart program – it’s easy, it’s fast, and almost everyone gets approved right away!

How does the Fingerhut FreshStart program work? Typically, once you’re approved, you’ll place an order with your new Fingerhut credit account. Then, you’ll make your first payment on the account (about $30.00), and they will ship you your order… then, all you have to do is to keep making those payments, and as soon as your first order is paid off, your account is converted to a regular credit account.

This works to build your credit in several ways – Fingerhut reports your good payment history to the credit bureaus regularly and this usually helps your credit score. It does take time, but it is worth it.

There’s also another way that Fingerhut helps your credit score. The more you use your account, and the better your payment history becomes, the more credit you will earn with Fingerhut. This “available” credit can impact your score, too, because unused credit actually counts in your credit score (credit usage).

Interested in building your credit score?

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