Think You Don’t Need Travel Insurance?

As I watch the continuing coverage of the devastation of Hurricane Matthew on the East coast of Florida, I can’t help but remember my years of living in the sunshine state, working in the hospitality industry, and dealing with tropical storms, hurricanes, and the tourists that inevitably are caught up in the mess that the severe weather brings. And, since it’s Fall Break in so many of the schools this month, I can’t help but wonder just how many vacations were ruined by the onslaught of this storm.

Bet you didn’t know that most people won’t get their money back even though they either had to leave early due to the evacuations or because they had to cancel their trip altogether, did you?

Unfortunately, it’s true in so many cases, especially when it comes to vacation rentals. When you book a vacation rental, be it a small condo for the weekend, or one of the enormous beach front homes for an entire week, your entire investment is often at risk if you don’t carry travel insurance (it’s true, read the fine print in your contract). But that’s not fair… No, it really isn’t fair, but in the vacation rental industry, and even in the travel industry as a whole, it’s really all about the income that would be lost for that property if your money were to be refunded. It doesn’t matter that you paid weeks or even months in advance… just like it doesn’t matter that Hurricane Matthew roared ashore during your week at the beach.

What can you do to protect your investment in next year’s vacation?  The absolute best way to protect your investment is to purchase travel insurance whenever you travel, wherever you travel, and for whatever reason that you travel.