The Best Way to Buy Christmas Gifts

Already thinking about this year’s Christmas gift-giving season?  Already wondering how you’ll afford to buy all those Christmas gifts?  For lots of people, the holiday season means OVERSPENDING!  You try so hard to make sure that everyone gets what they want, what they’ve asked for, and what they need.

This year, instead of overspending, why not start now and save up the money?

I know…that’s nothing “new” or “improved.”  We all try to save the money for Christmas every year, but the sad truth is, most of the time we don’t.  And then we end up maxing out one or more of our credit cards…

That’s actually where the new, improved way to save for Christmas comes in.

This year, instead of waiting till the last minute, then maxing out credit cards, why not get a prepaid card and then, each time you get paid, simply “pay” that much on the the prepaid card.  If you plan it out right, by the time Christmas rolls around, you could have saved enough money to have a cash Christmas after all!

And, isn’t a cash Christmas really the best way to buy Christmas gifts?