Fingerhut: The Best Way To Build or Rebuild Your Credit

At The Best Credit Card Offers, we often get questions from readers asking how to build or rebuild credit.  While there are lots of ways to do this, most of these ways take a long time…

However, there are much faster ways to improve your credit score – in fact, we’ve got an offer that will help you to start rebuilding (or building) your credit TODAY!

When you have bad credit or no credit, getting approved for a credit card can be nearly impossible.  Most experts recommend starting with either a secured credit card or a store credit card simply because you’re more likely to be approved for one of these long before you’ll qualify for the brand name credit cards.

Of the store credit cards, one of the best offers out there is the Fingerhut FreshStart Program, and it’s specifically designed for people just like you who need to work on their credit.

How do you enroll in the Fingerhut FreshStart Program?

  • Start by filling out a brief credit application, and once you’re approved, open an account (most people get approved and usually start out with $250.00 credit).
  • Shop their online store and charge something between $50.00 and the total amount of credit available to you.
  • Make a one time “down payment” of $30.00 when you place your order.  Once your $30.00 payment is cleared, Fingerhut ships your order.
  • Then, you simply make 6-8 regular payments (on time) until you pay off the purchase.
  • Once the original purchse is paid off, your account is then converted to a revolving Fingerhut charge account.  This means you’re eligible for credit line increases, and you can take advantage of the full line of buying options for every purchase you make (including deferred payment plans, low monthly payments, and a very reasonable monthly APR).

Even better, Fingerhut reports these regular payments AND your initial (and increasing) credit line to major credit bureaus.  This actually helps you build your credit by:

1. Reporting a history of regular payments with Fingerhut.

2. They report your “available credit” thereby showing or increasing the amount of credit shown as “available” on your credit report.  (This decreases your credit utilization if you’re not using the full amount available to you.)

Why not consider Fingerhut as the best way for you to improve your credit?