It’s Time to Plan Your Christmas Shopping!

With the advent of cooler temperatures across most of the eastern half of the country this month, it’s definitely beginning to feel like fall is in the air!  And along with Autumn come thoughts of the upcoming holiday season… Have you started planning this year’s Christmas shopping?  How much are you planning to spend and, more importantly, how will you pay for all those gifts?

I know, it sounds really early to be planning for Christmas, doesn’t it?  But, the truth is, now is the best time to plan your Christmas shopping!  Not only can you save money by planning ahead, starting early, and finishing before the last minute, but you can also ensure that you’ll find the best sale prices for those must have gifts (not to mention the fact that you won’t be out scouring the stores on Christmas Eve for the ONE gift that someone just HAS to have this year).  And by planning ahead, you’re more likely to stay well within your budget, too.

Another reason that I like to start early is that I really prefer to do as much of my shopping online as is possible!  I do not enjoy those crazy black Friday sales, crowded stores, and seriously picked-over merchandise at all… when I give a gift, I want it to be just the right brand, the right color, the right size, and the right price!  That’s why I do most of my shopping for Christmas at Fingerhut.  Not only do I find brand name gifts, competitively priced, but I can do ALL of my shopping at once, and it’s shipped straight to my door without a single trip to the mall.

With Fingerhut, I can get everything from brand name clothing to the latest electronics, from shoes to furniture, and so much more.  And before I ever click the BUY button, I know exactly what the monthly payments will be once the holidays are over because Fingerhut lists the monthly payment amount right alongside the full cash price, so there are no surprises once Christmas is over!  (And, I can see the impact every purchase will have on my budget, too.)

What about you?  Have you thought about your Christmas shopping for this year?  If not, you might just want to think about a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank !

Worried you might not qualify? Think again! Fingerhut is the best catalog site to use when you need a fresh start on your credit! Not only are most people approved for a Fingerhut account, but a Fingerhut account can actually help you to build or rebuild your credit, simply by using your credit responsibly and making your payments on time every time! So, go ahead, apply for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank and start Christmas shopping today!

The Best Way to Raise Your Credit Score

Credit less than perfect?  Looking for the best way to raise your credit score?

If your credit is less than perfect, it can be really hard to get the credit that you need…and without credit, it can be really hard to actually get credit or to improve your credit score.

Several years ago, my credit was a long, long way from being perfect.  And I remember going to department stores, and having them ask me if I wanted to save 10% by signing up for one of their credit cards… I always told them that I preferred to limit the number of credit cards I carried, or I just mumbled “No thanks,” because I knew there was no way that I would ever be approved even for that store credit card.  If you’re in the same place with your credit score, it can seem like you’ll never get out of the credit “hole” that you’re in…there is a way out.  And it’s not nearly as hard as you think it is.

The first thing that you need to do is to find out what your credit score is.  That’s right.  Force yourself to look at your credit score and your credit report.  You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s wrong.  Late payments?  Inaccurate information?  Maybe you simply don’t have the right blend of available credit?  Whatever the reason that your credit score is low, there are ways to fix what’s wrong and raise your credit score!

Now, assuming that you’ve studied your credit report, reported any inaccuracies, etc., and you’re now ready to start raising that credit score… let’s look at the best way to raise your credit score if you don’t have enough available credit OR if you need a real “fresh start” with a creditor that specializes in giving second chances to those of us with less than perfect credit.

That’s right… Fingerhut specializes in giving second chances to those of us with less than perfect credit.  In fact, Fingerhut probably approves more people for credit than anyone, and they can even help you to raise your credit score, too.

How does Fingerhut help you to improve your credit score?

Speaking from experience, opening a Fingerhut account not only gives you that “buying power” that you need, but they report your good payment history to the credit bureaus regularly, helping you to build a good payment history.  This benefits you two ways – one, you have available credit, and two, you build a solid payment history with each and every payment you make.  That makes Fingerhut one of the best ways to improve a less than perfect credit score that there is.

Think that you might benefit from a Fingerhut account?

The Best Catalog Card to Rebuild Credit

When it comes to catalog sales, Fingerhut is probably the single most recognizable catalog retailer in the world! Who hasn’t gotten half a dozen of their catalogs this year alone? But, I’ll bet you didn’t know that Fingerhut is also one of the best sources of credit for those with less than perfect credit? It’s true!

Fingerhut is one of the few companies that will actually give you the opportunity to get a fresh start on your credit. And, even though it’s mentioned in their offer that a Fingerhut account will actually help you to build your credit, bet you don’t know how having a Fingerhut account actually works to help you rebuild your credit, do you?

Now, let’s talk about the benefits to you – here are the top five!

  1. Fingerhut regularly reports the status of your account to at least one of the three major credit bureaus.  This report includes the total balance due on your account and whether or not your payments are made in a timely manner, both of which are used in calculating your credit score!  (Making your payments on time, every time, typically improves your credit score!)
  2. Fingerhut reviews your account on a regular basis to see if you are making your payments in a timely manner, how much you’ve paid, etc., and if your account is in good standing, they may offer you a credit line increase of a couple hundred to even several hundred dollars!  That’s right, it’s been my experience that Fingerhut will significantly raise your credit limit the more that you use the account to purchase items and as long as you make regular, timely payments.  (And that significant credit limit can also significantly improve your credit score!)
  3. Fingerhut offers an interest rate on purchases that is often equal to, or even lower than, other store/catalog sites and even many credit cards.  Especially if your credit is less than perfect, you are likely paying as much as 33% and even as high as 39% interest on some credit cards – a typical Fingerhut account will be in the mid to slightly up 20’s when it comes to your interest rate.
  4. Fingerhut does not charge a monthly or even an annual fee simply for having an account through WebBank.  Compare this with other store/catalog sites and most credit cards and you’ll see just what a benefit this is!
  5. While most people qualify right away for a Fingerhut account, in the event that you don’t qualify for a revolving charge account, Fingerhut offers a special FreshStart program where you place an order, make an initial $30.00 down payment, and they will allow you to make payments on the rest of your order.  Once it’s paid off, you account will typically be converted to a revolving charge – that’s definitely a win/win situation!

And finally, what’s the best reason to open a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank ?

PURCHASING POWER!  Think about all of the times that you might need credit… Christmas, birthdays, graduation, the start of a new school year, moving to a new home or apartment… the list goes on and on.  Too many times, people who have suffered through a bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, or other economic setback find that they can’t buy anything unless they have the cash to pay for it up front, and as much as we’d like to, we can’t always do that.  With a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank , you’re able to purchase the things you want or need when you need them the most.  (And the best part is, you’ll be improving your credit when you do.)

Fingerhut: The Best Way To Build or Rebuild Your Credit

At The Best Credit Card Offers, we often get questions from readers asking how to build or rebuild credit.  While there are lots of ways to do this, most of these ways take a long time…

However, there are much faster ways to improve your credit score – in fact, we’ve got an offer that will help you to start rebuilding (or building) your credit TODAY!

When you have bad credit or no credit, getting approved for a credit card can be nearly impossible.  Most experts recommend starting with either a secured credit card or a store credit card simply because you’re more likely to be approved for one of these long before you’ll qualify for the brand name credit cards.

Of the store credit cards, one of the best offers out there is the Fingerhut FreshStart Program, and it’s specifically designed for people just like you who need to work on their credit.

How do you enroll in the Fingerhut FreshStart Program?

  • Start by filling out a brief credit application, and once you’re approved, open an account (most people get approved and usually start out with $250.00 credit).
  • Shop their online store and charge something between $50.00 and the total amount of credit available to you.
  • Make a one time “down payment” of $30.00 when you place your order.  Once your $30.00 payment is cleared, Fingerhut ships your order.
  • Then, you simply make 6-8 regular payments (on time) until you pay off the purchase.
  • Once the original purchse is paid off, your account is then converted to a revolving Fingerhut charge account.  This means you’re eligible for credit line increases, and you can take advantage of the full line of buying options for every purchase you make (including deferred payment plans, low monthly payments, and a very reasonable monthly APR).

Even better, Fingerhut reports these regular payments AND your initial (and increasing) credit line to major credit bureaus.  This actually helps you build your credit by:

1. Reporting a history of regular payments with Fingerhut.

2. They report your “available credit” thereby showing or increasing the amount of credit shown as “available” on your credit report.  (This decreases your credit utilization if you’re not using the full amount available to you.)

Why not consider Fingerhut as the best way for you to improve your credit?