The Best Credit Card for Fair Credit

So, you’ve reached a milestone in your journey to raise your credit score… you’ve gone from bad credit to fair credit.  Financial doors are beginning to open with your new level of credit, but what is the best credit card to have if you have a fair credit rating?

You know, one of the best days of my financial life was when I looked at my credit report and found out that I had finally managed to raise my credit score out of the “bad” credit range and reach the magic number that put me in the “fair” credit range.  (For those of you who have perfect credit and are wondering how the bad credit happened in the first place, trust me, it’s not as difficult to lose that great score.)  In fact, there are millions of people in this country whose credit went from excellent to bad during the last recession.

They get laid off from their job and suddenly they can’t pay the bills…the mortgage, the car payment, the utilities, even the grocery bills.  So, they had to skip a few credit card bills, pay the car payment a little late…

A family member suffers an accident or an injury… someone gets sick… the doctor bills add up, and suddenly it’s easy to be drowning in debt…

It happens.  And it can wreck your credit score in just a few short months.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer to rebuild your credit score than it does for it to drop in the first place, and that’s why it’s such a milestone when you finally see that fair credit rating on your credit report.  Simply stated, it opens doors financially.  Once again, owning a home might be possible, a new car might not be out of the question, or you may be able to qualify for an actual credit card again.