Controlling Debt While You’re in College

1. Don’t wait until you finish school to start paying back those student loans. Even if you’re only paying the interest that’s accruing month to month, start paying what you can as soon as you can.

2. Get a job while you’re in college.  Wait tables, run a cash register.  Just do something to earn money.

3. Get your own place, off campus, as soon as possible.  Many colleges require you to live in a dorm the first year, but as soon as that’s over, get a place!  (If you’re in the same city as your parents, and if it’s feasible, live at home while you’re in school.

4. Skip the college meal plan.  You can make your own food for far less than it will cost you to eat in the cafeteria all the time and you can make food you really like!

5. Keep your day to day expenses to a minimum.  Skip that $6.00 cup of coffee!  Make your own at home.  Take a snack, pack a lunch, park the car and walk.  Whatever it takes, cut your daily expenses.

7. Skip the partying.  Let’s face it, alcohol is EXPENSIVE.  Parties are expensive.  You’re in school to earn a degree so that you can earn a living.  Keep your partying to a minimum and concentrate on your studies.