Summer Vacation is Looming!

Summer is almost here! 

Are you planning a vacation?  Or are you still trying to figure out how you’ll afford to take even a small vacation?

You know, one of the easiest ways to save money (and be able to afford that vacation) is to cut expenses, and the easiest way to cut expenses is to cut something that you won’t miss.  Like credit card interest charges!   Think about it… you’re already spending the money, but if you were able to cut out that monthly interest, what would you miss?  The answer is absolutely nothing!  Not only would you have to do without something, but you’d have more money each month.  Money that you could save for that summer vacation!  Or use to pay off your credit card early, or use to buy something that you really need, or any one of a hundred other things!  Who wouldn’t want to save money that way?

Of course, if you’ve already paid your credit cards down, and you’re actually planning to use them to take your summer vacation, then that opens up even more possibilities.  Have you figured out which credit card you’ll use?  Have you looked at the interest rate you’ll pay?  Does it have travel rewards or cash back rewards?

Would you benefit by getting a different credit card that better suited your needs?

And, don’t forget your credit score! If your credit score has improved over the past few months, or years, depending on how often you review your credit cards, then you definitely need to make sure you’re carrying the right card before you ever leave the driveway this summer!

Planning Your Next Vacation

Even though it’s the dead of winter, it’s not too early to start planning your next vacation… after all, spring break really is right around the corner! And it’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation, either.

Of course, any vacation planning nearly always starts with your budget. Where are you planning to go? Do you know how much you’ll spend over spring break? How much will that condo or beach house cost for a week or two? What will you eat? What will you do for entertainment while you’re on vacation?

More importantly, how will you pay for your vacation? Will you take cash? Or does it make more sense to use a credit card? Personally, I prefer to use a credit card with either a cash back reward, travel reward, or a 0% interest rate. Why? Because let’s face it, most credit cards offer far more protection for you than cash!

Not only are credit cards far safer than cash, but it’s far easier to replace a credit card than a wallet full of cash! And, with so many choices, you can not only save money with credit cards, but you might even earn cash back or free air miles (it all depends on what you want).

So, how will you pay for your spring or summer vacation?