Best Credit Card Offers for Service Members

Looking for the best credit card offers for Service Members?

My sister is an Air Force wife, and she and her husband strive to save money every where they can, by shopping at the BX, saving money all year for vacations, cutting back on Christmas gifts, and using credit wisely.  Like most people, she shops around for the best offers on any loan they get (for a car, school, etc.), but she really pays attention to her credit card interest rates!

And that’s just one of the many reasons that they carry the USAA Cash Rewards Visa.

The USAA Cash Rewards Visa is just for U.S. military service members, honorably discharged veterans, and their eligible family members, and as such, there are benefits for service members that cannot be found anywhere else – great interest rates, cash rewards, and no extra fees!  (You can even transfer the balances from your other credit cards and save money!)

There is no better credit card offer available than this card!

So, if you’re a qualified military service member, you will definitely want to check out the USAA Cash Rewards Visa!