Student Credit Cards

Are you a college student? Or maybe you’re a parent sending your child off to college this year? Either way, have you thought about how you’ll handle unexpected expenses? Those lab fees that weren’t listed, the car repair you hadn’t planned on, or any one of a hundred other things that are bound to crop up over the course of the next few years. Granted, the majority of college students work somewhere, either during the school year or all summer long, but things happen and the money isn’t always there when you need it. That’s where student credit cards come in.

Student credit cards are great for covering those unexpected emergencies… like the textbook that you didn’t know you’d have to have, or the flat tire that happens on the way home for Thanksgiving, or even that concert that all your friends are going to but you’re short on cash this week. Student credit cards are also a great way to learn to handle money and get a head start on establishing a great credit score. And sooner or later, you’ll need that credit score to qualify for a new home, a better car, or even your dream job!

Think you might benefit from a student credit card?