Balance Transfers


Credit card almost maxed out?  Is the interest alone preventing you from ever paying the balance down?  Looking to save money and time with balance transfers?

If you’re carrying a large balance on one or more credit cards, a balance transfer offer with a new credit card might just be the best way to save money on interest and pay the debt down much sooner than simply continuing to pay minimum payments on the original credit card.  Typically, balance transfer credit cards offer an introductory period with low to 0% interest for anywhere from a few months to a couple of years.  If you pay off the card within that time, you can literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest using balance transfers.

Even better, balance transfers are fast, easy, and can really help your credit score due to the available balance on the new credit card.  This new “available credit” adds to your existing credit line, making your buying power that much better in the eyes of the credit reporting agencies.  And, since you will be paying it down much faster because of the introductory offer, your available credit will increase faster, thereby potentially raising your credit score even higher!

Have you considered a balance transfer as a way to reduce your overall debt much sooner than if you just continue to pay on that high interest card?

If not, now is the time.  With the economy changing as quickly as it has been over the past year, offers change quickly, so make sure that you review all of your options before you make that decision.  (Of course, the first place to start is your credit score.  If you aren’t sure where that is, consider getting your credit score for free here.)

Naturally, the best balance transfer offers are reserved for those with the best credit scores.  So, it pays to really shop around before making your decision.  Just remember, the sooner you transfer those balances, the sooner you can pay down that debt!

Check out these balance transfer offers: