Getting Married? Better Check Your Credit Scores

Getting married?  Planning your wedding?  Dreaming about your future?  Have you looked at both your credit scores lately?

Wait, what?  You haven’t discussed your credit scores?  When you marry someone, you also marry his or her credit score.  This can affect you as an individual, especially if your credit score is much higher than that of your future spouse, and it can affect you as a couple when the time comes to rent your first apartment, buy your first car, or even buy your first home as a married couple.

Sadly, most people don’t think to talk about their finances, their credit scores, or their monthly bills until the time comes to actually rent that first apartment, get that car, or buy that starter home.  And then there’s not enough time to fix any problems there might be before you have to pay a bigger deposit, a higher interest rate, or before you’re turned down for that home loan.

Instead, part of planning your future with your partner should also be planning your future finances, thereby ensuring that both of you are bringing the best financial picture possible to the table when you get married.

And if your credit or your partner’s credit is less than perfect?

Then planning ahead give you time to deal with the problems before they become both of your problems!  Remember, once you’re married, our credit scores are combined, and so are your assets (cash, retirement plans, etc.)

Think ahead, plan ahead, and protect your financial future.



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