Prepaid and Debit Cards

Think you don’t need a prepaid card?  What about a debit card that’s NOT tied to your bank account?

Regardless of your credit score, you may want to carry one or even both of these options at all times.  How many times have you used a debit or credit card in a place where you’re just not comfortable that your private information is safe and secure?  How many times has the waiter left the table carrying your credit card when you’ve been out to dinner?  How many times have you been on vacation to a place you’ve never been before?  How do you pay for your dinners, your travel expenses, your hotel bills?

Are you confident that your bank will credit your account immediately if there is a problem?  Or, like millions of people every day, will you have to wait up to TEN DAYS while they sort it out if there is a problem?  Can you afford to be cut off from your money for ten days?

If not, then you definitely want to consider a prepaid card or a debit card that is not tied to your bank account:

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