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Why Fingerhut?

Well, if you’re not familiar with Fingerhut, you might want to take a look… with over 700,000 items to choose from, there isn’t much you can’t get through Fingerhut, and with a very competitive interest rate, your Fingerhut account might cost less than using a credit card, not to mention that the payments are really reasonable.  (They even list the monthly payment alongside the full purchase price, so there are no surprises!)

How Much Will That New Car Really Cost You?

When figuring out what you’ll pay to own a vehicle, don’t stop at the sticker price.

Factors including financing, fuel, insurance and maintenance and repairs also determine how much you’ll fork over during the life of your new ride. There’s no way to put an exact number on your total costs, but estimating them can help you better manage your budget.

Keep the following in mind when you buy:

    • Search for rebates. Don’t settle on a make and model until checking for special deals offered by the manufacturer or your local dealer. These bargains go by many names — rebates, cash-back incentives or bonus cash — but they all can mean “discount” to you. Check USAA Car Buying Service for member-exclusive manufacturer incentives.
    • Add up the interest. Shaving just a couple of interest points from your auto loan can mean long-term savings. Look for special financing incentives from dealers and manufacturers. Also scout for competitive interest rates offered by outside lenders, including banks and credit unions, and consider getting preapproved before you even arrive at the dealership. These auto loan calculators can help you weigh financing offers.
    • Compare insurance. In addition to your age, location and driving habits, insurance companies factor the type of car you drive into your rates. You might pay more to insure a vehicle that’s commonly stolen or costs a lot to repair. Investigate the average insurance losses for the car you want to buy.
    • Dig into depreciation. Unless you plan to drive your car until the wheels fall off, depreciation is a major consideration. A car with a high resale value can prove the best financial bet because you’ll get more cash when you sell it. Automobile data company ALG provides depreciation ratings.
    • Factor in fuel. Choosing a fuel sipper over a gas guzzler can make a huge difference in long-term costs, so consider your commute and whether you drive more in the city or on the highway. According to the Energy Department’s, a vehicle that gets 30 mpg will cost $672 less to fuel each year than one that gets 20 mpg (assuming 15,000 miles per year and a fuel cost of $2.69 per gallon).
    • Don’t forget maintenance and repair. Putting money into auto upkeep is inevitable, but how much money you’ll spend depends on the car. Reliability is important, since a car that breaks down more often will cost you more in repairs. If you’re concerned about repair costs, consider an extended warranty, such as USAA Extended Vehicle Protection from Assurant Solutions. Be aware that warranty plans often require you to keep up with routine scheduled maintenance.


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Content provided courtesy of USAA.

Dramatically Improve Your Finances

Want to dramatically improve your overall financial picture?

While it does take a lot of restraint, patience, and time to make significant financial changes, you have to remember that, when it comes to your money (and your credit score), it’s a lifetime journey.  Yes, there will be some unexpected curves, a few peaks and valleys, and likely a few bumps along the way, but if you do your best to stay on track, you will eventually find that financial security is possible regardless of your income level.

Here are our top five recommendations for improving your finances:

Manage Your Credit Cards Wisely

With interest rates rising, credit card debt becomes much more expensive, even for those of us with excellent credit.  The easiest way to manage your credit cards is to use them sparingly and pay off as much as you can every month.  Balance transfer cards are an excellent way to lower your interest rates and free up more cash to pay down the debt.  Just be careful – too many credit inquiries can hurt your credit score and if you don’t get the balance paid off before the promotion ends, you could end up paying interest from the time you transfer the balance!

Pay Off Your Student Loans Sooner

Let’s face it, almost no one can afford to go to college without some type of student loan, so there are plenty of people out there struggling with student debt, and it’s keeping an entire generation from buying their first home, their first new car, or in some cases, moving out of their parents’ home.  If you’re one of those whose student debt is holding you back, then you need to make a plan to pay off your student loans.  Start by paying extra every month if you can afford to, either write a bigger check or have your employer do an automatic payroll deduction that goes straight toward your college repayment.  You’d be surprised at how quickly you can do this if you just set your mind to it.

Make a Savings Plan and Stick to it

Did you know that more than half of the people in this country essentially live paycheck to paycheck, with little or no money saved to cover those unplanned emergencies?  What about you, how much do you have in your savings account?  Do you even have a savings account at all?

Although it seems impossible at first, you can save something if you try hard enough.  The first thing you have to do is take a long hard look at what you’re spending… Do you really need that $5.00 cup of coffee in the morning?  Can you skip that expensive dessert when you go out to dinner?  Do you really watch all 700 of the channels that you pay for each month?    Once you identify areas where you can reduce spending, put the amount that you’re saving directly into savings and resist the urge to spend it on something else.  Remember, if you lived without spending that money on something else before you had the extra money in your budget, chances are you can continue to live without it.

Don’t Forego Saving for Retirement

When you’re young, retirement seems like a lifetime away, and it’s really easy to tell yourself that there’s plenty of time, that you’ll save extra later, and so one.  But the truth is, if you’re not saving now for retirement, you likely won’t save enough later, either.  And one day, you’ll “wake up” and realize that you’re not going to be able to retire unless you do something drastic… trust me, that’s not a good feeling.

Instead, start now.  Join the 401(k) at work and make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the employer’s match if there is one, if not, put money into the account anyway and increase the contribution as often as you can.  Retirement really is closer than you think.

Get Professional Help

Have questions you can’t answer?  Looking for sound advice on your budget, your credit report, or your retirement plans?  Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a trained professional when and if you need it.  It’s worth every penny spent in the long run!


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And you know what’s even better about Fingerhut? Opening a Fingerhut account is fast, easy, AND it’s one of the best ways to raise your credit score!  Why?  Because Fingerhut works with those of us with less than stellar credit!  That means, you can usually get a Fingerhut account even when everyone else turns you down!

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